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goldcardano.com LTD

goldcardano.com LTD was created in 2010's but incorporated in May 2019 in England (our certificate number is 10117438). We are a holding company that includes several divisions, which are focused on a common result. The holding invests mainly in a combination of companies' equity securities, fixed income securities, promising projects with ICO, prospective cryptocurrency coins and Forex market where with financial leverage we can earn and generate high income in short time.

The funds of the holding can be selected from all sectors of the economy and industrial groups and located internationally, providing access to developed and emerging markets.
goldcardano.com invests in companies at the growth stage, as well as at early stages of development. Experienced professionals in the field of investment manage the fund.
goldcardano.com has successfully created and financed many projects with its own money for years. goldcardano.com also invests in companies in the early stages of their development in the following sectors of the economy: consumer Internet (including e-commerce and other online services), cloud services, software, mobile technologies, payment systems, online games, and social media.

To identify and use potentially profitable entry / exit points, we use our own analysis tools. goldcardano.com' tools are a collection of fast, reliable, efficient, and secure new generation solutions that allow traders to manage their crypto assets as efficiently as possible. We also use a profitable model for all participants of the platform. The profit of goldcardano.com gets higher along with the profit of the tools' users. The automated system of tools implemented elements of decentralized control based on blockchain technology. Delegated trust units affect the overall rating of individual cryptocurrencies and tokens and help to build an investment portfolio. The valuation of an individual asset affects the overall ratings of crypto active assets, the formation of an individual investment portfolio, and the effectiveness of crypto active asset management.

goldcardano.com Limited makes every effort to make our investments easy, convenient and safe. We focus on our clients and strive to make the investment environment for every user of the project as comfortable as possible. That's why we paid a lot of attention to the reliability of cooperation with us and we provide deposit insurance in addition to a secure and fully protected investment resource. Conclusion of a contract with an insurance company has become the basis for the functioning of our company.
As part of the protection of our clients' investments, we have signed a contract with one of the largest and most recognizable insurance companies in the world - Allianz. It is a reliable and proven insurer.

A limit of 30,000,000 each investor can be sure that his funds are completely safe.

Allianz undertakes to pay the amounts resulting from cooperation with the project in the event of any failure causing loss of funds or financial liquidity, ensuring the security of our clients' funds, and we can continue to develop our company with full confidence and support. Thousands of investors around the world, who trusted us and earn fast big money, successfully chose to cooperate with our company. Join the investment offer of the international company goldcardano.com Limited and take a sure step towards a safe and rich future.
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